Upkar Dhaliwal

Upkar Dhaliwal is a Parallel Entrepreneur and Wireless Technology subject matter expert on Mobility


President, FutureWireless Technologies, Biz Dev & Strategy: Cognition SystemsPhluidoAgShift, Big DataFederation, Beacon of Hope

Upkar Dhaliwal is a Parallel Entrepreneur and Wireless Technology subject matter expert on Mobility, He has hands on wireless and internet experience undertaking Application, Intellectual Property, Business Development and Technical advisor support on Present and Future Wireless Technologies and its product development for startups, OEMs, private equity and with most of Market Leaders

He grew up in West London England and studied for Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Engineering, Leeds and University College London Universities respectively, he has led Worldwide engineering teams in some World Class Firsts. Some new Firsts are still being implemented in MANET connected devices, Hybrid Cloud Services and Predictive Insight Big Data

A Professional Chartered Engineer of Engineering Council UK, He is a Wireless & RF System Architect Executive serving on numerous industrial/technical/policy bodies with US National Policy influences and technical societies with specialized knowledge and technical leadership for many Start up and the investment community, including Facebook and Google Next Generation Communication Communities

At present, working on beyond 4G, charting towards 5G in terms of Cognitive Radios, Distributed Mesh Sensor Radios and beyond LTE-Advance into the World of Big Data and Internet of Things IoT that will drive next generation of Internet. Volunteering in many IEEE TAB Initiatives roles – Connectivity & Cyber

Communication Society, North America Board, Region 6 Member 2016- present

Executive Member of TTM Technology Time Machine Conference Committee, 2016, 2018, TTM-FDC Future Directions Committee Conference  

Executive Member of IEEE UWB Communication Conference Committee

Executive Member of International Microwave Workshop Series on “RF Front-ends for Software Defined and Cognitive Radio Solutions” Conference Committee

Executive Member of IEEE IoT-Journal, Computer Society Rep

Previous conference positions held:

Advisor, International Conference on IEEE Microwaves for Intelligent Mobility ICMIM Nagoya 2017

Industry Forum IF&E Co-Chair IEEE Globecom 2015 San Diego

Exhibition Chair IEEE Globecom 2015 San Diego

Patronage Committee IEEE Globecom 2015-16

Finance Chair, IEEE IMS International Microwave Symposium 2010, Anaheim

Finance Chair, IEEE Radio & Wireless Symposium Jan2006, San Diego

TPC IEEE RWS Radio & Wireless Conference 2008 -17

Steering Committee Member, IEEE Milicom 2013, Local Arrangements

General Co-Chair of IEEE Int. Symposium on Medical Informatics and Communication Tech ISMICT2012

Steering Committee Member, IEEE Power & Energy Society GM 2012, Local Arrangements

Co-Chair, Emerging Wireless Network systems Sessions, IEEE RWS2011

Chair MTT-20 TTC Technical Coordinating Committee, – Wireless Communications, 2009-14

IEEE San Diego Section Chair 2015-16

IEEE San Diego Section Vice Chair, Publicity & Industrial Outreach 2017-

IEEE San Diego Section SIG Initiatives, Cyber, Big Data Science & Engineering, UAV and IoT

Many IEEE-USA Region 6 roles and other Advisory board member roles

Keyword, Next Generation MANET, Mesh Adhoc networking for 5G and LEOs, Next Generation LBS using LTE positioning, 

Wireless Wearable Bio-feedback Mental Health for PTSD and stress/Anger Management, Wireless Big Data Analytics, Wireless HAN Home/Enterprise Demand Response – Industrial Automation Gateway & Cloud, Wireless Medical Care & remote health managementAbove 95GHz Sensors and Broadband technology for new markets